Oct 29 2002

In order to calm fears about Mad Cow Disease and other such bovine ailments, McDonald’s has a lot of propaganda about how safe their Aussie Beef is. They used to have this tray liner where some kids go to the farm and talk to the farmer about where the meat comes from, but I guess people wanted to hear it straight from the meat itself. So here’s Meat-Patty-kun, telling us all about how it’s oh kay to eat him. I had to go to McDonald’s like five times before getting this tray liner again so that I could take a picture, so I hope you enjoy it. Andy, a dude from my Japanese Women’s History class who has become a good friend of mine in a matter of like three days, has promised to translate the whole thing for us. What creeps me out is that at the end of this little explanation, we get a picture of Meat-Patty-kun about to eat a hamburger.