Photo Club, Sophia University, Yotsuya

Jan 15 2003

Tets had me bring his name-stamp in to the Photo Club room one day. He’s the president of Photo Club and they needed his stamp for something. Maybe you already know this but in Japan it’s much more common to use a tiny little stamp instead of a signature. Everybody has one by the time they’re old enough to be needing to sign things, and they’re these custom-carved little intricate stamps that come in a nice case with a red ink pad and everything. These stamps are called hanko or inkan. I wonder if it’s harder to forge a signature or to steal a hanko. Anyway, when I got there there was no one around, and as I let myself into the club room and snuck around, I could hear some music playing from deeper inside. I knocked on the darkroom door several times but got no response, so I went inside and found an empty darkroom with “Let My People Go” playing on a boom box at maximum volume. It was weird. I snapped this picture and made a quick escape.