Jiyuu no Megami, Odaiba

Jul 13 2002

The guy who sits next to me in Philosophical Approaches to Buddhism noticed that I’ve got a [PowerBook][1]. It turns out he’s got one too, and that in the USA he works at the [Apple Store][2]. It also turns out that he was planning to go out to the huge Sega arcade in Odaiba with the guy from my Japanese Religions presentation group. They invited me, and we went out to beautiful Odaiba, where I was surprised to find that they have their own Statue of Liberty. They call her “Jiyuu no Megami”, or “Goddess of Freedom”. The story goes that France gave Japan their own Liberty, who usually stands by the Seine, for one year, but Japan liked her so much that when France took her back they also built Japan their own copy. And here she is. [1]: http://www.apple.com/powerbook [2]: http://www.apple.com/retail