MIB II attraction, Sega Joypolis, Odaiba

Jul 13 2002

Sega Joypolis is a three-floor indoor amusement park and arcade. On the top floor they have a number of haunted-house type thingies, some of which are redone every now and then to fit current promotional themes. Right now there’s a Men In Black II one set up, and it was one of the most fun things we did there. It was a pretty slow day, so when we arrived the two attendants were just standing around, and the guy started doing acrobatics for us while we waited. Then the girl started to guide us through. We assured her that we knew enough Japanese, but she went through most of it in a **very** melodramatic Japanese/English hybrid. I’m not sure if we got special treatment for being gaijin, but she really went over the top and we played along, screaming in horror at the lame rubber aliens.