KOS-MOS from Xenosaga

Sep 22 2002

Someone was brave enough to attempt playing KOS-MOS. It’s a fine effort, but I wish I could show you the other group that we found shortly after taking this photo. I saw them lined up by the wall: Shion, KOS-MOS, and M.O.M.O., with no overlapping cosplayers with the group I’d already gotten. They were all very well done, with the best Xeno costumes I’d seen all day. Just as we went up to get a picture, they were packing up to leave. Lawrence got a picture of them just standing around talking, so we’ll see if that turned out at all. I really, really wish I could have gotten those three posing, though. Well, here’s another KOS-MOS, anyway. The guy in front of me took no less than twenty photos of her. Some players were saying, “three shots each”, and I can really, really understand that. I would only take one, and then another if the first had been blurry.