Sep 07 2002

I’m into the game [Xenosaga][1]. Maybe you’ve heard of it. Well, I was looking for the now very rare Xenosaga LE box, and an acquaintance of mine over at the [GameFAQs][2] message board mentioned that he had seen one at a used game shop in Sendai, where he lives. He offered to pick it up for me, and I saw it as an opportunity to make a little something more of my summer vacation. We made some arrangements and I went up to Sendai for the weekend. Tom turned out to be a neat guy; just the kind of stranger who you’d want to pick up rare, expensive video games on your behalf and whose apartment you’d want to crash on short notice. We had fun, spending a good amount of time in Sendai’s fine arcades. While Tom, some of his JET (Japanese English Teacher) friends, and I were trying to get into a supposedly excellent pizza place whose staff would rather fix a ceiling for two whole days in a row than serve eager customers like us, we came across this mural on a wall. The reflective sign at the bottom says, “DANGER”. [1]: [2]: