Dance Dance Revolution, Shinjuku

Oct 26 2002

Tom came down from Sendai to hang out with Leah, Shannon, Kendric, and me. While the three of us guys were waiting to meet up with the girls, we did the proper geeky thing and found an arcade. Down in the basement is where they kept the music games, and this dude was playing Dance Dance Revolution with his coat on the dang screen! He even had it set up for a routine that makes use of both players’ dance pads, just for himself. This is what we like to call “awesome”. Tom has a theory that there’s some greater scheme behind Dance Dance Revolution and other “bemani” type games. He thinks that Konami forsees a need for people with particular physical skills such as stomping on things in sequence or hitting things with sticks in a particular pattern, and that someday those who have mastered the ever-increasingly-difficult DDR and DrumMania type series will be called forth to save (or conquer) the Earth. Or something.