Kimchi, Nakano

Oct 24 2002

Tets came home one night and dropped a vaguely squishy spheroid, in a bag, into my hands, and said, “You can take care of this”. Turns out Yoppii-san from Photo Club took a little trip to Korea and brought back some kimchi for Tets and me, and the way they store kimchi out there is to wrap it in this Saran-Wrap-like stuff until it has taken on a disturbingly organ-like shape and behavior. We puzzled about how to open it for a while, until Tets finally just started stabbing it with a knife, to which it responded by squirting out red kimchi juice and dripping a lot. I then had to squeeze the singular mass of kimchi out of the hole Tets had made, thus bearing it into this world. Heh. Now our apartment stinks.