Tower Records, Shinjuku

Oct 22 2002

I’ve got to hand it to Japan for their continuing disregard for release dates. [Clammbon][1]’s id is the third CD I’ve bought before its official release. This CD came with a postcard with which I can win a chance to see Clammbon play a special private show a few weeks from now. I’ve got my fingers crossed. The displays that stores build for new releases are very impressive. Pretty much every CD that comes out has this little shrine built for it, and these are scattered throughout the store showing off the new CD, the band’s previous CDs, magazines that include interviews with the band, flyers for upcoming shows, a set of headphones for you to hear the whole album, and sometimes a TV playing the band’s videos. Even older CDs often have a little hand-written placard hanging from the shelf, or a card-insert stuck to the packaging, describing the band and letting you know whether you might like them. Neat! [1]: