De Pere, WI

Jan 26 2003

Our school just replaced most of the computers in its labs. The Blue-and-White G3s and Indigo iMacs were replaced with eMacs, and the ugly old crappy beige Compaqs were replaced with ugly new crappy gray Compaqs. I love how computer companies look at Apple and go: “Oh man, they’re silver now! We gotta make ours silver!” “I thought they were supposed to be candy-colored and translucent!” “No that was last year! Hurry up and make our computers silver!” “Uh, wouldn’t that cost us money?” “You’re right, just mold our existing front panel in silver plastic and put it on the same box as before.” “Yes sir!” Anyway, this is the mountain of styrofoam packaging from some of the Compaq equipment we got, that was out in the hallway of our computer science building for a few days.