Green Bay, WI

Feb 17 2003

I have a thing with my left lung, where it likes to collapse. Well, it _tends_ to collapse. If it liked collapsing, it probably wouldn’t hurt so much every time it collapsed. The first time was a couple of years ago when it just up and collapsed on me at work, and I had to go into the hospital to get the escaped air sucked out of me through a tube. Actually, after I had been in there for about a day, someone walked in, looked at the sucking device, acted surprised, and then plugged the device into the wall. No kidding. It happened a couple of times in Japan, and I was treated by a Dr. E. Honda. Some will find that hilarious. When it happened again upon my return, I was advised by my friend Peter’s surgeon-dad to get myself admitted to the hospital. There they hooked me up to a variety of devices. This is the view from my window, as photographed by my dad. St. Vincent Hospital is rumored to be the tallest building in Green Bay.