Feb 28 2003

Tokyo does not look like this. One of the reasons I thought it would be a good idea to continue posting photographs is that perhaps the place where I’m from could be interesting to someone. At first it seems obvious that no one would want to look at pictures of Wisconsin because, come on, Wisconsin is _normal_. But Japanese reactions to our huge open spaces with nothing but cows and barns for miles made me realize that as interesting as Tokyo is to Midwestern USAmericans, perhaps the USAmerican Midwest can be to Tokyoans. On my [personal site][1], I have a links section that contains a heading for “Masterpieces”. Just recently I’ve found a new link to add to this tiny list, and it’s to [Tokyopia][2]. The site itself is nice, but what I really dig are Tim Rogers’ “Adventures in Tokyo Wonderland” articles. They have the same rare atmosphere that keeps me up reading helplessly all night. [1]: http://jetfuel.metalbat.com [2]: http://www.tokyopia.com