Webster Avenue, Green Bay, WI

May 15 2003

It’s been a long time since I last posted and there is really a lot going on. First of all, I’ve kind of graduated from St. Norbert. I technically still have two credits to earn, which I’m working on now, but they let me participate in the ceremony. Now I’m working at ShopKo (Shop-Knockout as my sister Katy calls it), in Operations. It’s not exactly the job that I interviewed for, and they’re not sure when I’ll be moved over to that job, so for now I’m monitoring batch processing and mainframes for 12.5 hours a day, sometimes at night. It’s very stressful and leaves me with nearly zero hours to work on my own projects. It pays the bills, though. I’m starting to wonder if part of being grown up is not having time to do things you like. I really hope that’s just a misconception. Anyway, work hasn’t yet worn down my soul to the point where I can’t appreciate a mini-meadow of dandelions next to the highway exit.