Burbank, IL

Jun 27 2003

Here’s Tony, rhythm guitarist for [Shattered Angel][1], diagnosing my crappy joystick. I bought it at GameStop in Appleton; the guy was raving about how they only have one SKU for returned joysticks and so I could get this great expensive stick for only $15. I bought it and was really excited until I realized that down and left were really dull and you had to slam the joystick to get them to register. Tony, a gaming expert, took the stick apart to find the problem. We tried to fix it with some tape, but there was no hope left for this stick. I ended up buying _another_ one from a _different_ GameStop for the same $15, but it too had down/left problems. How will I ever get good at Guilty Gear XX? Jon destroys me in that game daily. [1]: http://www.shatteredangel.com/