Some chicks in Michigan

Jun 24 2003

This photo comes to you courtesy of my sister Katy. She encountered these resplendent creatures while on vacation with her family in Michigan. Remembering my photos on this very site of similarly-wacked-out specimens in Tokyo, she stopped them for a picture. Apparently they were very enthused that someone had taken notice of them. I’ve spent the last two weekends at home. That is, I’ve spent them in the Chicagoland area, and have split that time between my home and the home of my friends Brad and Jeff. Much video gaming has transpired. I’ve gotten my nephews pretty into Capcom Vs. SNK 2 and Moero! Justice Gakuen. It was when they asked to play some games with me that I realized how much of my games require lots of patience and/or reading. They kept asking me to beat up the old ladies in Shenmue, or to skip past the “talking parts” in Sakura Taisen. I hope that someday at least one of them will be able to appreciate these games. I really like the idea of being something of a video-game mentor to one of them. According to my sister Clare, her son Aaron is a near replica of me at the same age, and is probably my best bet for a protege. Anyway, until then, the more action-oriented games are plenty of fun.