Ashwaubenon, WI

Jul 13 2003

I was thinking about picking up a new TV to replace the old junky one we had, and thanks to some sale-timing issues and the ShopKo teammate discount, roomie Jon and I were able to procure this nice Samsung flat one for a decent price. When Matt and I got it home from the store, though, after precariously strapping it into my open trunk by one corner, it didn’t fit in our entertainment center. I noted the apparent providence of the ShopKo final return center sale only two days later, and went in search of an appropriate television-holding structure. There it was, the last remaining one, already assembled for display, huge, lovely, and $46. _Then_ while Bryce (local kid named after 3D landscape-rendering software who terrifyingly reminds me of myself at age 11 and invites himself over frequently) and I were setting it up, we realized that without a switcher box, it would be a nightmare to manage all of our inputs. So we took a little trip over to the mall and got a game-switcher at GameStop ($20 very very well-spent) and another PS2 S-video cable ($2 well spent). Now we have all of the games and everything hooked up and all of our media fits inside the cabinet. Whee.