Sep 25 2003

This is the view from Andy’s apartment door. Tokyo is like the Universe: it looks exactly the same from all locations and in all directions. This could be pretty much any part of Tokyo, because I think there are no zoning regulations; people can just build whatever they want wherever they want to build it. It didn’t take us long to get back into our routine of waking up pretty late, venturing into Shinjuku, wandering around all day, finding dinner, and then coming back for all-night video game sessions, with breaks to visit the Lawson for snacks and drinks. The reason I haven’t posted any of these Japan pictures yet is that I was supposed to introduce an all-new version of the site that would include Andy’s own pictures, taken with my old digicam, alongside my own. We even took pictures of each other taking pictures of each other with our digicams, and those were going to be the first two photos on the new version of the site. I rewrote the whole site and moved all of the old data into a MySQL database and everything, but for some reason I haven’t heard from Andy even once in the two weeks since I got back. I’m playing a little game in which I try to see how many times I can email him before I finally get a response. I finally broke down and re-modified the site back to just feature one photo at a time. Oh well, at least it’s running on MySQL now instead of text files.