Sep 24 2003

Andy convinced me to come out to Japan at the beginning of September. I took some time off of work (I now have negative vacation hours), ordered a ticket, and went out there. I’d been really missing Japan since the very day I came back in January. Everything I saw had me feeling pretty nostalgic: “Ohhh man there’s a Mos Burger! Augh, look at the vending machine! I love those vending machines!!” Andy picked me up at the airport in a rented Subaru and we went to pick up his friend Gou in Kinshichou (Japanese joke: the town where everything is prohibited!). We then headed right for Shinjuku so I could pick up a nice new camera with which to document my trip. It only took me a couple of minutes of browsing at Yodobashi Camera to choose an orange Sony CyberShot U-30. From there, we went to this nice Chinese restaurant. You think you’ve had sweet & sour pork, but look at this: it’s the real thing. Man oh man was it tasty.