Somewhere in Tokyo

Sep 25 2003

After dinner we took the car for a drive around the Tokyo metropolitan area. Cars are not nearly as ubiquitous in Japan as they are in the USA, so driving is something of a rare leisure activity for many people. Much like Leslie and I used to do back in high school, we just picked a direction and drove until we had no idea where we were. I think we eventually ended up in Saitama. The whole time I was looking out the window and freaking out about mundane little things that I missed about Japan. We passed a store with a huge orange sign, “DOG WIZ”, but I was not able to get a proper picture of it. That would have been a good one. Andy also told me all about how he’s become a super-important guy at Tecmo, and about all of the upcoming projects he’s been heavily involved in, about none of which I’m allowed to tell anyone.