Oct 04 2003

Ah, Trader. As far as we are concerned this is the heart of Shinjuku game-shopping. The West-Shinjuku game-shopping loop starts and ends with Trader. This tiny little shop contains a lot of products and has some surprising deals. It was here that Qiang, Sean, and Drew finally convinced me to buy a Dreamcast and the first two Limited Edition Sakura Taisen games a year ago. This time around I had a similar obsessing session about the red-and black Game Boy Advance SP Limited Edition that comes with Bokura no Taiyou. I wouldn’t have gotten it, but Andy was urging me to play Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (which requires a GBA for each player) with him. Even then I was still reluctant until I found Digicommunication used at Sofmap just down the street. That’s the game Qiang showed me that made me want a GBA in the first place, and I couldn’t resist any longer. I don’t even like Digi Charat, but a game in which you run a character-goods shop is too neat. So I bought it all, plus Made in Wario and Sakura Taisen GB. I’m weak.