Nov 04 2003

Ah, bentous. If Andy and I actually get around to eating before 21:00, we’ll probably get these. They are especially good for when we are tired or we have something important to watch on TV (like The Practice or Pussuma), because we can just make the 2-minute walk, order, and come back to eat them in front of the (huge) TV at Andy’s place. The food looks really tasty, because it’s totally fake. All those dishes are plastic. Maybe you’ve heard that most restaurants in Japan have fake-food displays to better show what kind of meal you’re getting yourself into. This is invaluable for newly-arrived foreigners unfamiliar with the language and culture. There are whole shops of fake food, and many people make their living trying to take stuff that’s not actually food and make it look as much like food as possible. On a side note, this site should now display “correctly” in Internet Explorer for Windows. This is by no means an endorsement of any kind for Microsoft products, but instead a reluctant response to their [continued neglect to properly support the superior, free PNG image format][1] or to [correctly implement the float attribute in CSS][2]. Thanks to Kristen for testing the changes in her IE and for listening to me complain about Microsoft for like an hour. [1]: http://redvip.homelinux.net/varios/explorer-png-en.html [2]: http://www.digital-web.com/features/feature_2003-02.shtml