Gimme a Chance to do a Hip Hop Dance!

Apr 21 2004

Here’s my first non-photo-accompanied entry. I hope it works out. So I’ve been looking around for jorbs in pr0tland. So far about two have looked really interesting: one being the IT Administrative Assistant at an all-Mac law firm, and the other being a web developer for TechTracker, best known for [VersionTracker][1], which is a site I actually use. Now, the TechTracker job is particularly interesting because this morning I went to their site to see what the company has been up to, and what should I find but a headline announcing that Guy Kawasaki, famous Mac evangelist, has come aboard as a Strategic Advisor? This is cool not only in that were I to get the job, I’d be working for the same company as Guy Kawasaki, but _also_ in that my good friend Tony from grade school _knows_ Mr. Kawasaki through his job at CDW. I’m now trying to pull some very long and tenuous strings to improve my position in the TechTracker resume pile. If [Tom][2] can get a job helping _electronic Japanese people_ out of _trees_, I should be able to get a web developer position at TechTracker. [1]: [2]: