MAX Light Rail

Apr 06 2004

One night a few months back, I was at Hiroko’s and couldn’t sleep. For some reason I kept thinking about how I’d gone to Japan for an adventure and had the greatest year of my life, but then I’d come back and just sat around Green Bay doing not much of anything. As I’ve said many times before, going from Tokyo to Wisconsin is pretty non-thrilling. I got up out of bed, opened my PowerBook, and came on IRC. Ann was there, and she admitted that she too worried about her life never going anywhere interesting. Then, on a whim, she suggested that we, with Brian and hachi, could start our own company and/or move somewhere interesting. Like, say, the Pacific Northwest. Say, Portland. A few months pass and I’m sitting on a gloriously Tokyo-like train into downtown Portland, Oregon. Hiroko, Ann, hachi and I had done the research and made the plans to go there and check out the area for two nights and two days; the next few entries will be my photos and impressions of that crazy towne.