View over Portland

Apr 15 2004

To get to the Garden, we had to take a train to what’s supposedly the deepest tunnel in the country. We got out in the center of this big hill, and took an elevator up from “16 million years ago” to the present. This picture doesn’t really convey the depth involved, but you can see over the city to Mt. Hood, which is a really spectacular sight. I’m always awestruck by mountains, but Ann had never even seen one before. The way this site works is kind of odd. I take pictures, and every now and then I’ll post one online. It’s kind of like a blog in that I’m recording things that go on in my life, but most of the time I’m not mentioning things like “I’ve been reading Akagawa Jirou’s _Futari_” or “Had two hot dogs with mustard”. Also, there’s often a pretty wide delay between when I take the photo and when it gets posted. This photo was taken 12 days ago already. I’m not sure if I like it better this way or whether I’d rather have a more spontaneous and indulgent blog like, say, Tom’s.