Deer skeleton

May 20 2004

Well, Hiroko’s parents came to the USA to see her graduation, and I took some days off from work to cart them around. Hiroko worked out a packed itinerary for their five-day trip, including driving to Chicago and back twice. When they arrived we visited the Art Institute, then took them to my house to meet my parents, have a mini-Thanksgiving dinner, exchange gifts, and be interpreted back and forth between Japanese and English by Hiroko and me. The next day my Nissan Maxima whisked us away to Green Bay, where Hiroko’s parents presented me with a lovely white Segasaturn and a copy of Xenosaga Freaks, _with_ the bonus preorder disc! **GET!** That evening we met up with Hiroko’s friend Betty from her art classes, who is actually a semi-pro artist and who, with her husband Steve, just bought 70 acres of land way out in the Wisconsin countryside. They took us there to let Hiroko’s dad enjoy some gun-shooting and to wander around in the woods and get covered in ticks which we’d be picking off of ourselves for days to come. Here’s a random deer skeleton we found in the woods when Betty and Steve’s dog started trying to chew on it.