May 12 2004

Here’s a really old picture from my visit to Chicago with Stephen. Since I was very young, maybe 8 or 9, the highlight of each year was seeing my cousins Stephen and Timothy from St. Louis. Every summer they’d come to Chicago, I’d go to St. Louis, or both. Later on as we got busier with our own things Stephen and I would meet for New Year’s instead of during the summer. We’d make Hypercard games, record intricate claymation movies with camcorders, create standalone pen-and-paper RPG’s, play through video games, build things, and be generally weird and creative. Every time I saw them I’d feel that my creativity and ambition were recharged, like I’d been reminded of what life is supposed to be about. The defining part of each visit was the recording of That’s Nift, a fake radio-show Stephen and I have been making since 1990. It’s pretty excellent that we’ve been encapsulating our personalities and interactions about once a year, into episodes of pure random creativity. The Pepsi caps are from when I unquit Pepsi in order to earn free iTunes songs. These are just a few of my winnings. Now I’m in the process of requitting Pepsi, but it’s kind of sad because I had developed something of a trademark in having Pepsi at parties and such when everyone else was drinking alcohol.