Mythic Entertainment

Jun 16 2004

The trip to DC was a fine opportunity to meet up with Tom and Leah, some friends from my Tokyo-life. Tom recently became employed at Mythic Entertainment, makers of the popular MMORPG Dark Age of Camelot. Between demoing various quirky and nichey games to one another, watching the fine Millennium Actress, and eating bad-for-us snacks, Tom took us to see his workplace. It was actually really reminiscent of YesTrader, the startup dot-com I worked at in Chicago. I guess we all perceive game companies to be these big glamorous fantasylands, when they’re just dinky offices in normal neighborhoods like any other company. In mundane news, I’ve been asked to stick around at ShopKo for a while longer. I guess it’ll be nice to have income until I can find a job, and to be able to split at a moment’s notice once a new job finally shows up. It’s hard to find computer jobs with minimal Microsoft exposure.