Possibility of Being Crushed

Jul 21 2004

This photo is from about three months ago; I just needed something to post with this possibly long and dramatic entry. This has been one of the most (positively and negatively) stressful weeks since I came back from Japan. About a month ago I submitted my resume and a rather heartfelt cover letter to The Omni Group, a company I’ve fantasized about working for since about five years ago. Just last week, a response came asking how soon I would be in the Seattle area. Say, next week? To make a long story short, I have a phone interview today and if it works out I am going to Seattle next week for a real interview. If that works out, I’m settling down in Seattle for good(ish). This is huge in that it marks the end of the Wisconsin II chapter of my life, the beginning of the Pacific Northwest chapter, and the first time I might actually feel like I’m doing the vague “something awesome” I saw myself doing “when I grow up”. There are still two very formidable and non-obvious-solution barriers in front of me (the phone interview and the real interview), plus all of the logistical problems of moving myself 3000 kilometers, so right now my main emotions are nervousness, trepidation, and Max-Nervousness. In addition to this stress, I am under the influence of stress related to the following things: having been moved to the day shift, where humans are milling around distractingly, the phone rings more than once every three hours, and there is a nearby star visible outside the window; having formally quit my job, making relations strange as I work my final shifts; meeting my own replacement and having to train him (luckily he is a cool guy); finding out my brother is engaged to be married; celebrating Piroko’s birthday in Wisconsin Dells; having drunk about 110 ounces of caffeinated pop today due to aforementioned stress. Right now I should be sleeping but this relentless bout of stomach-butterflies won’t allow it. I’m not sure if, after the phone call, I’ll be relieved or even more distraught. You know you’re getting anxious about a phone call when you imagine you feel your right leg vibrate as if the cell phone in your pocket were ringing, even though you’re not wearing any pants.