Pioneer Square

Aug 09 2004

Peter and I drove down to Portland so that he could check it out for his own future moving plans. Having been there briefly before, I was able to show him around a bit. We stayed at an international hostel, which is something neither of us had done before. The atmosphere was very inviting and friendly, as if we were staying at a friend’s house. Here’s a guy preaching to some semi-disinterested people at Portland’s Pioneer Square. In the past week or so I’ve run into a lot of zealous Christianity: this guy, the creepy teenager-oriented evangelism show Generation Church on late-night Washington TV, the bewildering guys at [Christian Anime Alliance][1] (“We believe all other religions and religious movements other than Christianity are sinful and wrong.”), and the nearly-too-ridiculous-to-be-for-real [Dr. Richard Paley][2] (about OS X: “to open up certain locked files one has to … type in a secret code: ‘chmod 666’. What other horrors lurk in this thing?”), who simultaneously attacked Apple, probably my favorite company, and Richard Dawkins, now one of my favorite writers. Wacky stuff going on. [1]: [2]: