Aug 05 2004

Last Monday night, I took a couple of hours off from work to say goodbye to local friends. I’d been feeling crappy since the night before, though, and ended up taking off the rest of my final night at work. The part of me that likes to believe in kismet thought my sudden illness might have occurred in order to prevent me from getting the job in Seattle. When I started feeling better while on the road, that same part of me thought the illness came just to get me out of my last day of work so I could pack up and still have time to rest. So the next day, Peter and I loaded my car to the bursting point and set off for the wild frontier. On our first day we made it all the way across Wisconsin and Minnesota, and well into North Dakota. We met a stereotypically cynical teenaged girl at a Fargo gas station. That night we parked at a Jamestown, ND gas station and slept in the car. Every half hour or so we woke up, thinking, “this is a bad idea”. Taking a picture while driving through a tunnel like this is pretty much a free ticket to a cool-looking photo.