International District

Sep 17 2004

Life continues in Seattle. Work is pretty excellent. Hiroko is pretty stressed out about what she’s going to do with herself for the next couple of years. She could end up back in Japan if she can’t find something to do here. Being here is kind of cool and kind of weird. We’ve got shops that carry Japanese videos (I finally found episodes of Pussuma for rent), comics (finally got my hands on untranslated _Planetes_ and the latest _Yesterday wo Utatte_), and food (actual honest-to-goodness tonkotsu ramen can be had). Good Korean, Chinese, and Japanese (and Thai, and Vietnamese, and Indian, et cetera) food abounds. The local Kinokuniya even had several copies of the special edition Evangelion volume 9 with Robo-nami inside. Um, I don’t know where I’m going with this. Seattle is weird.