Capitol Hill

Oct 12 2004

One of Piroko’s favorite comics is _Beck_, the story of a small-time rock band from Japan making it big. Apparently at some point some characters end up in Seattle, and they visit this statue of Jimi Hendrix. Roko has never heard a Hendrix song in her life, but she insisted that we come visit the site, so Stefan (who we’ve been dragging around the city with us these days) brought us to see it. Meanwhile, I’ve been working, reading comics, collaborating with Jules on Project Soft Landing, and trying to enjoy my time with Roko before she has to split back to Japan for real. I should mention this. Apparently because of some visa limitation crappiness, if she doesn’t get work within the next couple of weeks, she’ll have missed her chance to get a working visa at all, and she’ll have to go back to Japan. This truly sucks, and I have a feeling the complete suckitude of it has yet to even occur to us. The good part is that it’ll be easy for her to get work and build up experience and savings so that she can come back and marry me in a couple of years. The really, really bad part is that we’d likely see each other for a total of like three weeks over the next three years. Uh, I’m 23 now. Max old.