Food Court

Oct 08 2004

One Saturday afternoon, Hiroko and I ended up running into my coworker Stefan at the [Tom Bihn][1] shop downtown, where I’d recommended he look for a new backpack. The three of us ended up spending the whole day together. We wandered around downtown, checked out the malls, and had lunch in this food court where I found these young gentlemen and their friend. That night we went to the midnight showing of the director’s cut of _Donnie Darko_, which I knew absolutely nothing about before entering the theater. It was one of the better movies I’ve seen, and considering what I’ve heard about the original, I feel lucky to have seen the director’s cut first. This movie has my recommendation, for whatever that’s worth. Work is awesome, but I probably shouldn’t talk much about what goes on there. I suppose that’s why I haven’t posted a lot lately; work is most of my life now, and I can’t really write about or photograph work. Hopefully I’ll get out and photograph more ridiculous crap soon. [1]: