Nov 17 2004

Here’s the man himself. Shishka, Rayme, Christina, Aaron, and I had an excellent time at the launch party. We played some Halo 2, which feels to me like a less-friendly Timesplitters 2. Shishy and I enjoyed Shirley Temples. We all sat around and talked about Xenogears and Xenosaga. After the festivities, Rayme and Christina and I went back to Shishka’s apartment for games while Shishka himself was helping tear down all the dozens of XBoxes and TVs. Apparently Christina is a Sakura Taisen fan, so we shared some geeky memories. I held my own in a few rounds of Guilty Gear XX#Reload even on the XBox and even though it had been months since I’d played last, mainly because Rayme and Christina had only picked up Guilty Gear recently. All in all it was some of the best fun I’d had in quite a while. I’d almost forgotten what it was like to hang out with geeks of my own flavor. It’s looking more and more like Rayme will probably move in with me once Hiroko leaves the country. I guess that if nothing else, at least I’ll have someone to help me learn OpenGL. Apparently he’s quite well-versed in that arcane stuff.