Apr 19 2005

Andrew and Brian from Omni, Andrew’s friend Cheryl, Cheryl’s friend Patricia, and Patricia’s boyfriend Mrinal, and I, went to a cabin on the Olympic Peninsula for the weekend. The place was quite rustic, by which I mean we found about five spiders in the shower. It rained the whole time, which suited me just fine. Sitting by the wood stove reading Otsuichi and Five Star Stories by myself, playing Scrabble and Catch Phrase with everyone, or just sitting at the table long after dinner was over and listening to Mrinal describe life in India, I knew plenty of good times were to be had inside. We did discover that Brian, Andrew, and I are not a good shopping team. We are all the kind of guy who stands in front of the shelf puzzling for ten minutes, picks something, puts it back, picks something else, puts it back and retrieves the original thing, takes it to the checkout, then runs back to the shelf and gets something else entirely.