Shishy and Rushi at the Market

Apr 26 2005

Okay, I’ve mentioned IRC before but never really explained our weird situation. The short version is that there’s a very close group of friends who met online as far back as 1998, and now that group has a private IRC channel which sees activity pretty much 24 hours a day, all year. Three people I introduced to the channel after knowing them in real life; I’d met up with a total of nine others in real life after knowing them online for years. Shishka here, who you’ve already seen, was the eighth, and we hang out quite regularly now. Rushi, from near Salem, Oregon, is the tenth. He came up to Seattle for an anime convention; such things cause me fear, so I refused his invitation. After the con, though, he came to my place for about four days. Much Guilty Gear XX#Reload, R-Type Final, Evangelions, and Fatal Frame 2 was played. Tacos, katsudon, and curry were eaten. Happy times happened.