May 18 2005

Here’s the view from the apartment where Hiroko and her grandmother live, on the 7th floor of a brand new building of condominiums in Ôimachi. Walking around Shinjuku and Ikebukuro was kind of fun, but I actually found myself wanting it to be over with so that I could meet up with Roko again. Yeah. I was perusing used game and figure shops, visiting the official Sakura Taisen store and cafe, and other geeky stuffs like that, but it just wasn’t… _awesome_. Somehow, sitting in the Italian restaurant with Roko, her younger sister Eiko, and Eiko’s boyfriend, all racking our brains to remember the name of the crispyish carmelly custardy French dessert thing, was much more fun. (It’s crème brûlée, as Roko eventually remembered.)