Tacoma Stuff

May 09 2005

Andrew invited me to go see the performance group STOMP. I agreed without thinking, then wondered whether I’d made the right choice, then forgot about it for a couple of weeks. The night came; we collected Cheryl and battled traffic all the way to Tacoma. It was my first time in Tacoma; no one seemed to understand when I called it “pleasantly Portland-like” and “Pacific”. The show was very good. We sat in the second row, right in the center. Now I understand why Andrew is such a STOMP fan; the performance is universally entertaining. There are no words in the act, so it can be enjoyed by humans of any age and any background. As I found out later, even Piroko’s mom could dig it. After the show we saw the performers standing around outside the theater, probably wondering the same thing we were: “Isn’t there anything to eat around here?” This photo is from around where we parked the car.