Sep 29 2005

[Cousin Tim][1] has always been particular about high-quality products. For as long as I can remember, he’s insisted on Apple computers, Oakley sunglasses, BMW automobiles, Swatch watches, and so on. While in Chicago he wanted to be sure to check out the Swatch store on Michigan Avenue. They had some nice, simple, high-quality watches; I was even tempted to replace my aging Timex digital, only the second watch I’ve needed in about 13 years (and I only needed a second one because I broke the first while screwing around with its innards). They also had some fancy data-watches that connect to a satellite and download news items. I found the juxtaposition of fancy, relatively frivolous Western consumer technology with headlines of strife and death to be exactly the kind of thing I started this photo-journal for. [1]: