Apple Ice Cream

Oct 28 2005

After everyone else left, Chris stayed on as our guest for another week or so. He’s planning to come out to British Columbia for college, and he’s particularly aiming for Simon Fraser University near Vancouver. We drove up there to check it out. The school seems to be kind of a geeky hippie Shangri-La. Tucked into this wrinkly terrain miles from anything, at a legendary elevation, is this cluster of pleasant modern architecture, complete with an Authorized Apple Reseller and a boba tea cafe. While we sat in there, sucking the tapioca or jelly ballast from our drinks, girls in goth-loli and cosplay outfits wandered into the place. At first we thought the school must be even more unrealistically cool than we expected, but as it turned out there was some kind of convention going on, which is still pretty commendable.