Dec 28 2005

Here’s a good encapsulation of a lot of what I’ve been thinking about lately. The alarm clock is my conscious effort to try getting better at waking up. I wanted an alarm clock that could play CD-RWs, so that I could experiment with various kinds of sounds and volumes. Lately I’ve been waking up to Japanese talk podcasts, which works rather well. I’ve been trying to find more and more time to read books, and have started keeping a definitive list of what I’ve read and what I should read next. Here you see a novelization of the life of Alexander the Great and a collection of biology essays. The bag you see is a gift from Piroko for my birthday; somehow barbers’ scissors bags became fashionable for men to wear around in Japan. It does make sense now that guys are carrying around cell phones, digicams, iPods, and such. This way my pockets aren’t full of stuff anymore. You can also see my [Hipster PDA][1], which has become central to most of what I do, and my sad, sad Motorola cell phone, which I’ve done my best to dress up by applying a white face plate. [1]: