Getting Things Done

Dec 22 2005

Here I am during the sorting stage of [Getting Things Done][1]. I like that GTD is less of a system and more of a way of thinking attached to a big list of good ideas. I probably have less in my _action item list_ than most GTD nerds, and I may be the only person to implement GTD using folders with Sakura Taisen characters on them, but it works excellently. For my own stuff I use a combination of GTD and a [Hipster PDA][2]; at work I use [kGTD][3]. My mind is a lot more at ease these days. From left to right: trash pile, recycle pile, filing, fresh folders (with important folders behind), inbox, items needing attention (with my new Hipster PDA in front), and the GTD book itself. [1]: [2]: [3]: