Dec 03 2005

Soon after Piroko left, I bought myself an [iSight][1] and ordered one sent to her. Now every Friday and Saturday night, we meet up for a video date. Now that I don’t live alone anymore, I set up in the ballroom at Omni; it’s easier to relax and concentrate on Piroko if I have the whole place to myself, plus there’s coffee, tea, and snax. :D I have a tendency to get prematurely nostalgic about things. I can already tell that I’ll be looking back fondly on late nights at Omni. Nearly any life-situation I get myself into, I feel as if things have always been that way. For the first time, now, I feel like I wouldn’t mind if things always _continue_ to be this way. With some incremental improvements, I can imagine myself living like this for quite a long time. One night as I came outside, I found this stream flowing from some unknown location to disappear underneath my car. [1]: