Grilled Cheese in Xbox

Feb 14 2006

Our good friend Rayme got gotten by Infinity Ward, the guys who make Call of Duty, one of the most successful games of the war-simulation genre. Before he left, Ann and I went over to the place he shared with Shishka to enjoy some grilled cheese sandwiches and video games. Their place is kind of famous for being something of a mess, so when it came time to bring out the sandwiches, there was nowhere to put them except inside Rayme’s dismantled Xbox. Seeing that Shishka works for Bungie, and Rayme works for Infinity Ward, they had the Xbox360 immediately upon launch. I regret to admit that I actually had fun playing it. **But!** The digital down-button didn’t work very well, and we never actually put in any Xbox games! I just set up my own Live account and played the downloadable games Geometry Wars and Mutant Storm the whole time.