Apple Store Shibuya

Mar 20 2006

Hiroko and I dropped in to the Apple Store in Shibuya just for fun. It was great to see the place so crowded with Apple fans or prospective switchers. We went upstairs to the software area and found OmniGraffle 4 on the shelf. The localizers did a number on the box, cluttering it up with distractions, but it’s nice to see it there at all. I went to one of the Power Macs, found the bundled copy of OmniOutliner 3, and popped open the Welcome document. There it was, as it would be on any Mac in any store, anywhere in the world, something I created one day at work. I realized then for the first time that I had made something that would be seen by thousands, hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of people. How about that. :D