Mar 14 2006

I’ve loved this sign since I first saw it years ago and Try it!! I did a lot of walking between Piroko’s parents’ place and her grandmother’s place; in doing so I finally learned my way around Oimachi, a town that had confused me for years. I have a deplorable sense of direction. In addition, when someone is guiding me, my brain stops accepting input and I don’t learn anything. This was the first time I had to navigate around the town on my own, so it was the first time I really learned where I was going. This diner was a major landmark for me. So was a certain huge industrial-looking building that I knew wasn’t anywhere near where I wanted to be. I have been getting lost and ending up at that building ever since I first tried to visit Piroko’s parents’ house five years ago. It’s my “you are lost, turn back now” building.