True Curry

Mar 20 2006

My employer provides me with delicious, nourishing meals five days a week. On campus at St. Norbert, I had the dining hall and several culinarily-skilled Korean and Japanese friends. But when I was studying in Tokyo and was left to feed myself, I degenerated into a mostly [Matsuya][1]-based diet. I liked Matsuya because I could get gyuudon, curry, or some other kind of teishoku, all cheap, all filling, all tasty-tasty. Upon my return to the USA, I longed for those dishes, and while I’ve yet to find gyuudon in Seattle (and I have tried resolutely), there is a fine Japanese curry place in the International District. Curry has become a weekly ritual for my Seattle friends and me. To us, Sunday equals curry. I bought a tiny replica of a plate of curry for Shishka to dangle from his cell-phone. The dish has been elevated to legendary status. So imagine my delight when Piroko’s mother presented this curry to me, orders of magnitude superior to the fast-food-type curry at Matsuya or Fort St. George. [1]: /