Mar 28 2006

I think my favorite meal may be yakiniku, Korean-style barbecue. Hiroko’s parents took us to a nice place near their house, because they know I love the Korean food. We had all varieties of meat to grill up, assorted kimchis, and various sauces and spicy side dishes. I don’t think any other meal leaves me feeling as content as this one. Hiroko turned me on to the period-drama [Dae Jang Geum][1], about the royal kitchen in 16th-century Korea. Apparently it’s the highest-rated show in Korean history, and has since become a hit around the rest of Asia, especially in Japan. This show contains plenty of facts about cuisine and Eastern medicine. Whenever a useful fact is mentioned in the show, they actually put the relevant information up on the screen for you to note. That’s a show with substance. [1]: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dae_Jang_Geum