Apr 12 2006

Hello, and welcome to a new _out of context_. I have been working on this new version of the site, with the following improvements: * A redesigned stylesheet; its similarity to what I already had gives me confidence that simple designs are best. * The return of the pink checkerboard patterns. * All of the code rewritten in Python, my current language of choice. * Posting the date a photo was taken, using EXIF data in the image file, in addition to the date the entry was written. This reduces confusion when I take a long time to post photos from an interesting place, and people think I’m still there and can still get them souvenirs. * A new timeline view under the photograph; each segment represents a span of time in one place. Click a segment to visit that time. * The use of John Gruber’s [Markdown][1]. This should be transparent to you, but for me it means I can write my posts in a more natural way, and let the computer figure out the formatting. Maybe you’ll see more [links][2], _emphasis_, **strong emphasis**, and lists, now that creating them is trivially easy for me. [1]: [2]: