Address by Mitsumasa

Jul 16 2006

I have admired [Mitsumasa](’s models for years, and I spent months trying to get my hands on his I-No kit. I even flailed about on Google, looking for someone who might be going to Wonder Festival and who could try to beat the crowds and get one for me. I came across [Heisei Democracy]( and implored the proprietor there. He started to decline and apologize, until he recognized my e-mail address. It turned out that we’d actually been in the same anthropology class at Sophia in Tokyo in 2002! We exchanged info back then but didn’t keep in touch. We became friendly online, and he tried his best to pick me up a copy of I-No. She sold out, but he did pick me up a nice [Plug-suit Ayanami]( from Hapoi. Later, as the I-No search continued, Mitsumasa started accepting overseas orders for his Non-Non kit. I couldn’t resist supporting such a cool move for someone in a hobby usually so exclusive of outsiders. When this arrived, I imagined Mitsumasa himself, writing out my name and (work) address. So cool. :D I did eventually get my hands on I-No, through Yahoo Japan and [Akibado]( Now I’ve got two Mitsumasa kits to agonize over. @_@